MiniPanel Processor – New product announcement

The MiniPanel Processor is a simplified mimic panel controller for up to 12 channels and is available as a bare bones circuit board or starter kit including all LEDs, buttons, plugs and cables.

Designed for smaller layouts, the MiniPanel can control servos for points or semaphore use; traditional solenoid points motors, Tortoise type stall motors and Kato Unitrack turnouts.

See the product page for introduction and quick start videos, to download the user guide and determine which versions are available.

Available now direct from our web shop.

Optical sensors and smaller panel buttons video update

This video illustrates the design constraints we are under when creating more compact and higher detailed mimic panels and how we’ve solved this with smaller button footprints.

The second half of the video introduces inexpensive infra red detectors suitable for both analogue and digital systems and the changes we’ve made to incorporate them easily into our feedback system.

  Video link here.

Bi Colour LED video available

A short video showing how to wire up a bi colour LED to both a V1 and V2.1 MultiPanel Processor has been uploaded and available to view here.

The MultiPanel User Guides (V 1.x and V 2.1) have been updated with appropriate wiring diagrams.