Every feature of a Servo Controller demonstrated

This video demonstrates all features as present in the SEPT-2018 software update to a Servo Controller (12 channel). Fitted as standard since the middle of August 2018 this video compliments the previous Servo Controller videos by demonstrating ALL features present in the unit.

While you wont be interested in every feature, it does demonstrate just how powerful this little servo driver board really is.

I expected a no nonsense demonstration to last about 5-6 minutes, however I seem to have lost over 30 minutes …

The video will also be available from the shop/product page as well as the video library.

 Video here.

Setting network address range on solenoid, stall and Kato motor driver boards

This video discusses and demonstrates how to adjust the network address ranges on solenoid, Kato and stall motor turnout motor driver boards. With up to 192 devices controllable on any one network, this video explains the basics for address setting. Once set, a board can be physically placed anywhere on the network and in any order, the device numbers will not alter.

Video link here.