Plug-n-play mimic panel wiring video

The mimic panel wiring video has now been uploaded. This video demonstrates how to connect a MultiPanel V 2.1 (its the plug-n-play version) to a mimic panel connecting all LEDs and buttons to operate a layout.

This panel can be seen at the various exhibitions over the next 12 months.

The video link is here.

New starter kit videos

New videos for the MultiPanel Starter Kit V2 (plug-n-play) version added for both solenoid and servo editions.

See the video or product pages for more.

MultiPanel V 2.1 new features video

See the new features of the MultiPanel V 2.1 plug-n-play board here, or from the videos or product information pages.

MultiPanel Processor version 2.1 new features include:

  1. Entirely plug-n-play hook-up via pre made cable packs. No soldering (unless you choose to).
  2. Feedback display from block and section detectors or points position indicators. Up to 192 feedback channels right out of our standard MultiPanel. Plug in an LED expansion board to the feedback connector and you can see which tracks have rolling stock or locos on them.
  3. Upgraded expansion boards for LEDs and switches also plug-n-play. The new hook-up method is consistent right through the expansion boards too.
  4. Two LEDs per channel as standard. This means you get a normal and a complimentary LED, useful for indicating selected direction on points (turnouts) etc.
  5. Uprated on board regulator. Sized to run almost 600 LEDs when fully expanded.