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For the smaller layout or budget conscious modeller the MiniPanel is a 12 channel mimic panel controller capable of driving a pair of LEDs per channel to indicate turnout or semaphore signal position. It is equally at home on both analogue and digital layouts and is operated via push buttons (default), toggle switches or levers.

Available as a standalone board or starter kit in servo, solenoid or stall/Kato motor varieties, the starter kits are complete with push buttons and LED pairs for all 12 channels. Hook-up to your layout is via a single cable carrying all 12 channels of information. The MiniPanel can also operate with our optional DCC accessory decoder.

If you require more than 12 channels or feedback consider the MultiPanel, the big brother to the MiniPanel.

Kato and stall motor driver

This little driver circuit board will operate up to six Kato or stall motors over a single network cable. It can be driven directly from a MultiPanel (our mimic panel driver) or directly from our DCC module. The unit intelligently shuts the power off after five seconds in stall motor mode and has five power settings in Kato mode. See our web shop for details.

Servo extension leads

We now stock servo extension leads in 50cm, 1 meter and 2 meter lengths. There’s a plug one end and a socket at the other making installation a breeze. The cables can be connected together for even longer lengths. See here for details.


Keen to get going now?

Why not begin with a starter kit and some cable packs for instant plug-and-play control of 24 servos or traditional solenoid motors. No soldering is required to connect your panel lights and buttons, and only a single network cable (supplied) connects the servo or solenoid boards on the layout to your control panel.

Our starter kits don’t just come with the mimic panel controllers, we also include the servo or solenoid drivers too. Just add the servos or solenoids and you’re good to go.

Here are a couple of sample configurations. Click each to go direct to the product pages. Video tutorials are provided where appropriate on the product pages.

1 x Servo Edition Starter Kit        … or …

1 x Solenoid Edition Starter Kit

Either make up your own cables or buy our ready made cable packs:

1 x 12 channel LED cable pack (2 LEDs per channel)

1 x 12 channel button cable pack

You can view our plug-and-play product range here. Mimic panel wiring right out of the box without any soldering!

Standalone and integrated

Many of our products can operate either on their own or integrated with other boards. By linking different components economies of wiring and new features become available to your model railway layout. Examples of integration include DCC modules linking to servo, solenoid, or relay controllers. Mimic panel display controllers that hook everything up and even provide a live track feedback (occupancy) display. Our integrated products communicate via a single cable that’s capable of sending and receiving information as far as 2.5 kilometers with suitable extender boards.

Our range of layout sensors include block detection for both DC and DCC (analogue and digital) and turnout position sensing. Imagine someone flicking a turnout by hand and seeing the panel correctly and instantly display the change.

Expansion is simple and usually only requires plugging additional boards in as your needs require.

View our product range here.

Custom made control panels

Ever seen a fabulous model railway layout with a control panel that just looks like an afterthought? We’ve done all the hard work for you and can make bespoke control panels that are professionally cut, engraved, etched and coloured to your specific requirements.

We can even make the box for you to house it in with appropriate connector receptacles perfectly cut and marked. Our unique design means that the plastic durable fascia can easily be removed for cleaning should the unthinkable occur with a coffee cup.

Installation is a breeze and panels can be connected without resorting to a soldering iron – it’s all plug and play and highly flexible too. For example each LED channel drives two LEDs so you have the option to indicate the routes set for each turnout – right out of the box! Our cable packs come ready made with all plugs, LEDs and buttons attached and ready to go. If you change your mind about layout specifics, it’s easy to unplug a cable and move it to another location.

For the budget conscious we’ve kept the connector type big enough that you can make your own cables and wiring without resorting to expensive specialist tools.  There is no lock-in as we use industry standard, modeller accessible connectors. Click here for more.

Video showing custom built mimic panel (click the triangle below).

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