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MegaPoints Controllers video collection.

Mimic Panel LED and button installation
A quick introduction and demonstration on how to fit LEDs and buttons to one of our custom made mimic panels. These are made to your designs based on supplied sketches or layout plans. Here we show the construction of the mimic panel and the basics of installing LEDs and a button to a turnout.
Hornby Railmaster hooking up
A quick quide to hooking up your Hornby Railmaster to MegaPoints Controllers DCC module.
Solenoid driver demonstration
This video demonstrates the solenoid driver board. Capable of driving up to six solenoids. Can easily be intermixed with Servo Controllers.
Driven either directly via DCC module or via a MultiPanel Processor.
Frog polarity / Relay board preview
This video demonstrates the features of our 12 channel relay board. Connect it directly to the network, drive it directly from a servo controller or hang it off a DCC module.
Controlling a Tortoise switch machine with a Servo Controller
This video shows how you can control switch machines using the optional relay board.
Even easier servo motor installation and adjustment.
This video shows how using a thinner piano wire (0.6mm), installation and adjustment is even less critical. With only the default movement range set we demonstrate the same servo operating three different sets of points.
MultiPanel processor manufacturing.
Here's a short video showing our pick and place machine populating a MultiPanel Processor board.
MultiPanel Starter Kit - Expansion.
This video demonstrates how to expand the MultiPanel 48 channels at a time up to the maximum 192 channels.
MultiPanel starter kit - Quick start guide.
This video gets you up and running in 10 minutes controlling up to 24 servos from your MultiPanel.
Hooking up to an Arduino
A short demonstration.
Remote setup connector
Demonstrating the use of the remote setup connector on a servo controller.
Relay board.
A relay board is added to a servo controller. Up to 12 relays may be added and mixed with servos.
This video also demonstrates the pop-on switch board and external high power voltage regulator being fitted to a MegaPoints Servo Controller. See documentation for requirements.
Network cable length demonstration.
How long is a piece of string?
Just how far can we stretch the network cable? This video explores the potential distances you may achieve.
MegaPoints Controller construction.
A short video showing the manufacture of a Servo Controller board in our workshop.
Routing engine preview.
Provides one touch route setting and active route monitoring.
Dapol signal bounce modification.
Modified and improved Dapol N gauge semaphore signal showing excellent bounce with a MegaPoints Controller.
DCC Module
Simple Mode - connecting directly to a MegaPoints Controller
DCC Module
Gateway Mode -
connecting to a MultiPanel
MultiPanel - connecting accessories
MegaPoints MultiPanel introduction.MegaPoints MultiPanel introduction.
A mimic panel circuit board that drastically reduces layout cabling.
MegaPoints Controller bouncing Semaphore program update
MegaPoints DCC module software update - new features demo.
How to use a micro switch for frog polarity and LED signalling
Easy and fast servo installation under points
MegaPoints Controller master/slave paring
MegaPoints Controller - Basic programming
MegaPoints Controller - Basic setup and testing