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MegaPoints Route Processor

Set your entire layout with a single button.

MegaPoints Route Processor top viewThe Route Processor allows easy recall of programmed routes for your entire layout. Routes are simply programmed by selecting the route memory and then operating the points via any connected MultiPanel so the route processor learns which points or signals form the route.

Route Processor features

The Route Processor has the following features:

  • 24 routes per processor.
  • Up to 192 points/semaphore signals per route.
  • Active monitoring for all enabled routes (see below).
  • Program disable (locks routes into memory).
  • DCC control.

Active route monitoring

The MegaPoints Controllers system is designed to be multi-user from the ground up. This means that it is easy to add additional MultiPanels to a layout by simply plugging them in. To compliment this and ensure robust layout operation, when a route is active the processor monitors the route state. Should another user on any connected MultiPanel change any component of an active route an audible and visual alarm will sound thereby drawing attention to the change.

The panel LEDs will indicate which routes have been broken and will flash for approx. 4 seconds to indicate which route was affected. If this is a desired change then no further action is required and the active route is cleared. If this was an error, the operator will press the route button again to reactivate it.

Easy expansion

If you need more than 24 routes it's easy to expand by adding additional route processors anywhere around your network. There's no physical design limit, so you're free to add as many as required, even at different operating stations.

For example:
  • A main line MultiPanel has a Route Processor installed to control main line and station activity.
  • A goods yard MultiPanel has a Route Processor installed specifically programmed to control access to roads located in and on the approach to the fiddle yard.
  • A large central station has a dedicated Route Processor on a third MultiPanel to control complex traffic access to all platforms and approaches.
In the above example, all the status of the layout is visible to all interconnected MultiPanels (if desired). This means that all operators can see and share layout status as it changes.

Route enabling / disabling via DCC

When using the optional DCC module you can also enable and disable routes via the DCC bus. Each DCC module has 192 accessory addresses to cover the entire network of points/semaphores etc. An additional 24 DCC accessory addresses are reserved for route operation.

For example: Assume you have set the base address for the DCC module to 1. This means accessory addresses 1-192 cover all 192 outputs of the MegaPoints Controllers driving points, gates, barriers, decouplers or semaphore signals. The next 24 DCC accessory addresses (193 - 217) control routes 1-24.

While some DCC controllers offer route setting capabilities via macro functions, these have limited memory and offer no monitoring capability. By enabling the route on the Route Processor, the panel indicators will illuminate to indicate it is active and it is activley monitored.


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MegaPoints Controllers would like to thank Macclesfield Model Railway Group for their support and assistance during the development of these products.