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MegaPoints Controller

12 points/turnouts/semaphore signals, gates, barriers or doors from a single board.

MegaPoints Controller top viewThe MegaPoints controller will allow control of up to 12 servos for points, semaphore signals, gateways, barriers or doors. Each of the servos operates independently with a super smooth action.

Points program features

When configured for points each servo can be adjusted for:

  • Upper and lower travel limits.
  • Speed.
  • Direction (easy reversing).

Semaphore bounce program

When configured as a semaphore signal the bounce is ultra realistic and uses real physics to rapidly calculate the motion in real time. Each movement subtly differs from the previous motion with the following characteristics:-

When moving to danger:

  • Number of bounces.
  • Amplitude of bounce.
  • Decay of bounce.

When returning to clear:

  • Length of dwell (taking up the cable slack).
  • Slippage.
  • Speed of movement to clear.

Other features of the MegaPoints Controller include:

  • All programming features are accessible from the main board. No additional plug in programmers are required.
  • Each board has three memories that are easily configured and selected. This allows for simple route selection or pre set configurations.
  • Built in networking. Each board has two connections to the MegaPoints network. This allows for easy master slave pairing, connecting to the MegaPoints DCC module or the MegaPoints MultiPanel, a mimic panel controller that reduces the cabling for nearly 200 points to a single three wire cable.
  • No soldering is necessary and each board includes cables to connect to your switches. You only have to supply the power (DC @ 7-20 volts).  Operating a servo is as easy as connecting a switch plug to the left of the board, connecting to an on/off switch and plugging in your servo to one of the 12 servo connectors.
  • Out of the box the board comes pre configured so that its easy to use on the bench before committing to a layout. This is the best place to discover the features and experiment with different settings. When you’re ready to install hit the reset button and the unit is ready to go, automatically centring all servos ready for fitting.
  • Works with all gauges and scales.
  • Supports relay control on ALL outputs.

What's all the fuss with servos on a model railway layout?

Servos are  modern actuators providing cheap and precise motion control for many purposes. I’ve been using them on my radio controlled aircraft for the last 30 years to good effect and without issue. Over recent years we’ve seen the prices tumbling (I ‘ve paid as little as 1.39 per servo from a UK seller) and sizes have decreased to the point that any busy N gauge goods or fiddle yard no matter how complex can accommodate servos to operate the points and signals without requiring additional track side space.

Other benefits of using servos include: absolute control over the movement range, speed and direction, smooth operation (if your control board is goodJ), can be used almost anywhere from points, gates, barriers, semaphore signals, doors or any feature you want animated or motorised.

See the FAQ section for details on what I buy and from where.

Contact me: My email address can be found on the first page of any user guide.

MegaPoints Controllers would like to thank Macclesfield Model Railway Group for their support and assistance during the development of these products.